The Dancing Man is truly a Heritage toy . All the children love to watch this toy in action.

The DRUM . The ultimate gift for children, executives, friends, drummers, you name it. Some say that this beautifully crafted Drum makes the sounds of rain landing in a bucket or distant Indian chanting. What ever the sound....the result is the same lots of playing.Creatively designed to hold the playing sticks.

The Clacker is 9 inches long and is a wonderful game for children of all ages. Roll the dice see what your number is and filp the number down until all the numbers are down. Great to hone those math skills. Comes with intructions. 

Cars and trucks. What "little boy" doesn't want cars and trucks and these have no hard or sharp edges to hurt Mom and Dad with! Guaranteed to become well worn cherished memories these are a must have for anyone with little ones whether they are boys or girls.  The truck is about 4 inches long.

Chubby cars make great toys for little ones. You may run out of gas, but these cars won't and probably the little ones won't either.

This is the Tractor of your dreams ready to paint or color in your favorite brands colors.   This tractor and wagon are ready to haul hay or  anthing you wish across the floor or yard, and will pull the load.  Tractor can be seperated from the wagon , both together are abouit 24 inches long. 

This the "whirely Gig" or "Jeep Stick" or a hundred other local names.  It is a toy that will amaze you , puzzle your friends and cause total confusion to any one who doesn't know the "secert" of how it works.    How does it work?  Rub the two sticks together and the propeller will spin, say the magic word and the propeller will reverse.   Stick about 9 inches long comes with instructions and "Magic" word.