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Travel Clacker game

$ 30 USD

Who said that math can't be fun? The Clacker Game is a game from a time gone by. Roll the dice and turn the sum down before your opponent. This is a great game to have sitting on a coffee table or take it to the cabin. Children get to fine tune their mathematic skills without knowing they are actually learning. Everyone loves this game. Approximately 9 inches long its a great size for easy transport. Comes with Instructions.


Box Drum

$ 60.00 USD

The box drum is a musical instrument that is thousands of years old and found in just about every culture in the world.  This version is about 11 inches long and eight inches wide by six inches tall, depending on how I feel when I make each one.  No two will ever be alike or sound the same.  This version has about 20+ tones (according to drumers I have talked to) ranging from low to high.  The box is made of hard wood (normaly oak) and the head of hickory or oak. If you wish one made of some other wood it is no problem, just call or write me.  Allow 6 weeks for special orders, I am often faster but it depends on what is going on in the shop.


Whirlygigs by the Dozen

$ 40.00 USD

Need an item for a group? Perfect conversation starters for Classrooms, parties, meeting motivators, holiday gifts etc. This whirlygig or jeep stick or a hundres other local names. It is a toy that will amaze you, puzzle your friends and cause total confusion to anyone who doesn't know the secret of how it works. Stick is approximately 9 inches long.

Available only in quantities of 12.